6 Signs of Low Testosterone

According to the Urology Care Foundation, approximately 40% of men over 45 years of age have low testosterone. When people think of testosterone, they often assume it only is used for building muscle and fueling sex drive. While testosterone plays a crucial role in these functions, Low T can have an impact on several other areas of a man’s health.

1. Weight Gain

It’s not clear if weight gain is a cause or an effect of low testosterone, but many studies show that men who are overweight are also more likely to suffer from low testosterone. Weight gain often tends to appear in the midsection. Improving diet and getting more exercise may help to rebalance a man’s hormone levels.

2. Depression & Anxiety

While weight gain and sexual dysfunction can contribute to a more depressed feeling, some researchers believe that there is a more physiological reason. When someone has low testosterone, their brain’s testosterone receptors may not be working correctly and may directly contribute to a decreased sense of well being.

3. Hair Loss

Even though many men experience male pattern baldness naturally, a decrease in the amount of testosterone may also be a significant contributing factor to balding. Hair loss in patients with low testosterone isn’t limited to the scalp, thinning body hair may also be a signal of a testosterone deficiency.

4. Increased Fatigue

Energy levels are a difficult metric for a doctor to measure, but many men with low T report feeling less energetic than they used to. Energy levels can also be affected by dietary habits and lack of sleep, so reasons for increased fatigue tend to be difficult to diagnose.

5. Difficulty Achieving an Erection

Having a low sex drive and the inability to have an erection may be two separate problems. In some men, the desire for sexual contact exists, but the body may not respond to these urges. The brain’s receptors that are responsible for this function require testosterone to stimulate a response. Men with low testosterone may be affected because of this.

6. Decreased Bone Mass / Osteoporosis

Testosterone helps produce and strengthen bones. When a man is suffering from low T, their bone mass may decrease, leaving them more susceptible to breaks and fractures.

Low Testosterone Treatment in The Dallas Area

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it is possible you may be suffering from low testosterone. If you have questions, or you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Wierschem.

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