Platelet-Rich Fibrin in Dallas, TX

At Dallas Men’s Health, we offer natural treatments that rely on the healing powers within the body to treat certain medical conditions, resolve negative symptoms, and promote overall health and wellness. We use PRF, also known as platelet-rich fibrin, to renew and restore the body and treat erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, and as an option for hair restoration.

PRF Treatments

Today, PRF (platelet rich fibrin matrix) is recognized in the clinical literature as a second generation concentration or preparation of PRP (platelet rich plasma). While PRP has proven safe and effective for stimulating natural tissue regeneration in many conditions by using growth factors found in the platelets of a patient’s own blood, now we can achieve significantly better results by using PRF. PRF treatments use the growth factors found in platelets to heal, restore, and renew the body. And by using PRF, we can more effectively promote men’s sexual health and wellness, and improve hair growth through quick, minimally invasive treatments. Similar to PRP, PRF relies on cytokines, stem cell-stimulating properties, and growth factors that promote immediate and long-term cellular renewal and regeneration in different areas of the body.

Obtaining the Platelet-Rich Fibrin From the Blood

While the platelet-rich fibrin injection process slightly varies based on the actual condition we’re treating, how we obtain the PRF is identical for each treatment. The process begins with a standard blood draw. Once we collect your blood, we will place the test tube in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets in plasma. Then, we will take those isolated platelets and prepare them in an injectable form so that we can place them specifically in the tissues where they will release their growth factors; we administer them per protocol according to your treatment plan. As soon as they’re injected into various areas of the tissue, your body will naturally renew itself and, as a result, alleviate the symptoms of your condition.


Though similar to PRP in many ways, it’s important to note that there is a significant difference and advantage to using PRF. Most people have heard of PRP as an effective treatment option for medical and cosmetic concerns. The primary difference between them is that with PRP, the process of using fibrinogen in the blood to create a fibrin matrix (part of the natural clotting cascade) is disabled. Without the fibrin matrix as a scaffolding in which platelets are nested, platelets have no protection and only remain viable to stimulate tissue regeneration for 8-15 hours.

With PRF however, the natural formation of a fibrin matrix is enabled which then “houses” and protects the platelets so they can release growth factors into the tissue for a week or longer! Experienced clinicians agree that PRF is the superior option since PRF promotes a longer, sustained release of growth factors from the platelets leading to continuous and long-term results and optimal health and wellness benefits. While using PRF delivers optimal results, we offer all of our treatments with PRP upon request.

a photo of a diagram explaining platelet-rich fibrin treatment
a diagram showing the results of platelet-rich fibrin

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects countless men. We can use platelet-rich fibrin injections to treat erectile dysfunction by rejuvenating the tissue within the penis to promote cellular regeneration, new tissue growth, increased blood flow and circulation, and as a result, improved erections.

What To Expect

During the treatment, we will perform the standard blood draw to obtain the fiber matrix from your blood, isolate it, and prepare it into an injectable form. Then, after applying a strong, numbing cream, Dr. Wierschem, our board-certified urologist, will make some strategic injections into various areas of the penis to inject the growth factors into the tissue to treat ED.

One treatment will deliver noticeable results, but the best results will be most evident after several treatments. We will schedule a consultation to discuss your symptoms and concerns so that we can confirm your treatment eligibility and then design your treatment plan with the right number of sessions to treat ED and restore your quality of life.

Peyronie's Disease

We can also use the fibrin matrix to treat men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease. This treatment process has proven to be an effective solution for this condition that can deliver dramatic results. Peyronie’s Disease often results from injury or trauma to the penis.

As a result, plaque builds up in various areas, leading to curvature issues and bending, which can cause pain and discomfort during intercourse and at the time of erection. With this unique treatment process, we can promote tissue regeneration with this powerful fibrin matrix to alleviate symptoms and promote tissue health.

What To Expect

Before treatment, a numbing agent will be applied to ensure patient comfort. Then, Dr. Wierschem will inject the growth factors from the blood into different areas of the penis to restore blood flow and increase circulation.

The injections will also help heal and repair tissue that’s been damaged as a result of injury or affected by plaque buildup. After undergoing the recommended number of treatments, patients can expect to notice an improvement in the size and shape of the penis, reduced symptoms, and increased confidence.

Hair Restoration

Many men suffer from some form of hair loss, and while many topical products claim to deliver real results, none of them are as safe and effective as platelet-rich fibrin treatments for hair restoration. The growth factors and healing properties in this injectable are administered directly into desired treatment areas on the scalp. They will immediately start healing and regenerating hair follicles, improving scalp health, and stimulating hair growth.

Hair restoration treatments with PRF are an effective option for men who have noticed mild to more severe forms of hair loss, including receding hairlines, thinning hair, patchiness, or balding.

What To Expect

Patients may notice some improvements in the health and growth of their hair within the first few weeks. The best results are most visible in the months following treatment as the hair follicles are awakened and activated and grow new hair.

Unlock Your Body's Healing Powers

Dallas Men’s Health aims to provide our patients with a safe and alternative treatment option to help their bodies heal and experience real and lasting results. Whether you want to treat your unique hair loss, alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease, or resolve erectile dysfunction, we can design a treatment plan for you. We will use the healing powers within your body to help your body heal, repair, and restore without any adverse reactions.

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