Penile Girth Enhancement

UroFill™ is an innovative non-surgical approach for penile enhancement that uses an FDA approved dermal filler.

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Penile Girth Enhancement

Renowned among a handful of nationally recognized urologists who pioneered an advanced procedure in urology for penile girth enhancement, Dr. Wierschem stands among a small yet elite enclave of physicians who have already performed thousands of successful patient treatments.

With over 25 years of experience in sophisticated urological procedures such as penile surgery and uro-plastics, Dr. Wierschem is recognized as a thought-leader in his field by medical professionals and the mainstream media (e.g. D Magazine, Living Magazine, Best in Texas Magazine, etc.). 

Dr. Wierschem utilizes the patented UroFill™ technique for penile girth enhancement. UroFill™ is an innovative non-surgical approach for penile enhancement that uses an FDA approved dermal filler. Unlike other providers, the filler is placed while the penis is erect to ensure excellent cosmetic results with the penis in both flaccid and erect conditions. Every patient will be able to see and feel their outcomes immediately to ensure absolute satisfaction!

Penile Girth Enhancement is a highly specialized procedure that occurs around nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics of the penis. Because of this, you should only allow an experienced provider with surgical expertise in penile uro-plastics perform this for you.

***Dr. Wierschem consults and treats every patient himself in a private room with no other assistants in the room. You will NEVER be treated by an Aesthetician, a Nurse, a Medical Assistant, a Physician’s Assistant, or a Nurse Practitioner.***

Why Is Penis Enlargement Surgery Needed?

Have you ever wondered if my penis is long or thick enough? It is common for men to be concerned about the size of their penis. Today, there’s an answer to help you get your confidence back. If you are self-conscious or embarrassed about the size of your penis, then penile augmentation may be the answer for you.

In addition, penile enhancement can be very effective for spouses. Over time women can develop vaginal “looseness” which can make intercourse very unsatisfactory for them. Surgeries to repair this are costly, painful, and fraught with many complications. Penile girth enhancement can solve this problem by expanding the girth of the penis significantly which results in a rejuvenated sexual experience for both parties and subsequently removes the need for vaginal surgery.

Office-Based Procedure

Our penis enlargement procedure is performed at our convenient office location in Dallas, TX and offers immediate results. A patient can also expect the following benefits:

  • Treatment takes under 30 minutes
  • No reported complications
  • Most patients have sustained enhancement at 2 years
  • No stitches, scars, or general anesthesia
  • Minimal to no discomfort
  • Enhancement present while both flaccid and erect
  • No downtime
  • Resume sexual activity in 7 days
  • You may resume exercise activities the next day
  • The patient is ALWAYS involved with the treatment plan
  • Enhancement results are instant
  • You can expect 1/2 – 3/4 inch of circumferential girth with one appointment
  • The “sweet spot” for optimal enhancement in most men is typically 10cc – 30cc
  • Dr. Wierschem performs every procedure himself

Penile Girth Enhancement Center of Excellence

Dr. Wierschem utilizes a very safe and effective filler of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that produces excellent girth enhancement with physiologic resistance to external compression. The bioelasticity of the material gives the penis a natural feel in both the flaccid and tumesced (erect) state. These patients have had safe and durable results with very satisfying cosmetic appearances. This can even be used in patients who have a penile implant in place.

Recent studies from the University of Texas have shown that 90% of male partners prefer an increase in penile girth (width) over an increase in length. In addition, clinical studies have shown that 85% of patients are completely or mostly satisfied with their results. 90% of patients report no filler loss after 2 years. Most importantly, NO complications have been reported.

A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 noted an average of 3.93cm (1.6 inches) improvement in girth at 1 month that was maintained at least 18 months. The patients themselves and their sexual partners reported high levels of satisfaction and there were no serious adverse reactions.

As a board-certified urologist who has performed hundreds of successful girth enhancement procedures, Dr. Wierschem has the experience and expertise to give you more confidence and a much more satisfying sexual experience.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is an FDA approved type of sugar (polysaccharide) that is present in body tissues, such as in skin and cartilage. It is produced in a natural and organic way and has been used as a dermal filler since the early 1990’s. HA has a unique capability of retaining water which will then swell when in gel form, causing a very nice smoothing/filling effect. It has been used effectively in multiple specialties including Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Rheumatology, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology and now Urology. It has not been approved by the FDA for use in the penile tissues but has been shown in multiple studies to be safe. According to FDA, it is considered an absorbable or temporary material (FDA Resource).

The hyaluronic acid used for penile girth enhancement is heteropolysaccharide macromolecule that has well-established and documented safety and performance characteristics. Hyaluronic Acid is the most widely used filler substance currently on the market worldwide and has many advantages over its predecessors including safety and duration of action. Adverse events are very rare and the overwhelming majority of these were mild and transient and typically resolve within a few weeks without treatment.

Other Girth Procedures as Summarized by the ISSM (International Society for Sexual Medicine)

  • Collagen fillers, Silicone fillers and Fat Transfers/Injections – These are permanent procedures that are associated with significant complication risks and poor outcomes. Once they are placed, they are very difficult to remove, change or improve due to the significant scarring that occurs. Please see the pictures on this site as well as the You Tube video by Dr. Wierschem that discusses this in more detail.

  • Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres (PMMA) – a non-absorbable soft tissue filler results in good girth improvement however over half of the patients report “nodularity, ridges, irregularity, indentations or voids in tissue filling.

  • Graft and Flap procedures – This includes Dermal fat grafts, Fasciocutaneous arterial island flaps and Porcine dermal acellular matrix grafts. These are procedures done under anesthesia however they rarely result in a satisfactory cosmetic outcome. Complications such as chronic pain and swelling and loss of penile length due to fibrosis (scarring) is common. These techniques typically cannot be undone and the patient may never be normal again.

  • Subcutaneous Penile Implants – This involves surgically inserting a subdermal silicone implant around the penile shaft. This procedure has shown severe complications in several patients including “severe edema, subcutaneous masses, penile curvature or other sexually disabling deformity, infection, non-healing wounds and scarring”.

  • Corporoplastic Phalloplasty – A surgical procedure that involves using bilateral corporal venous grafts to expand corporal girth. This is considered experimental and does not result in girth enhancement in the non-erect (or flaccid) state.

Before and After Images

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Penile Girth Enhancement Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re looking for information about penile girth, contacting Dr. Wierschem’s office is your best bet. However, we’ve created a list of a few frequently asked questions that may help get you started in the right direction. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact us at 214-380-2678 today!


Because insurance does not cover any of the products, services or procedures offered at Dallas Men’s Health, we do not accept any insurance, HSA or CareCredit payments. We do, however, offer accessible and affordable financing options for all of our procedures.

  • Buy now and Pay later with Affirm. Available through our VIP program, this option requires a soft credit check but will never result in a hard credit check. Affirm has the highest approval rates in the industry and only takes a few minutes in the office. The interest rates are competitive with credit lines up to $20,000. Guaranteed 0% interest for 6 months for ALL patients!
  • In-House Financing. No credit checks, 0% interest. A deposit of 50% is due prior to the services, 25% is due thirty days after the services, and the remaining 25% balance is due 60 days after the service. To take advantage of this option, call our office at (214) 380-2678 or Text us at 214-296-9791.

What is Girth?

Girth is the width of the penis measured by circumference. The average girth of a non-erect penis is 3.67 inches in circumference. The average girth of an erect penis is 4.49 inches in circumference. In addition, the average length of a non-erect penis is 3.61 inches and the average length of an erect penis is 5.21 inches.

Is there a Long Wait Period Between the Consultation and the Procedure?

No, in fact, most patients have the procedure done on the same day as the consultation.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Dr. Wierschem is a board certified Urologist with over 25 years’ experience of surgical training in male genitalia. He has specialized training in penile girth enhancement which he has been performing for several years.


Local anesthesia is used to anesthetize the area under the skin. The filler will then be injected into the tissues around the shaft of the penis using a specialized non-traumatic cannula which specifically avoids damage to tissue and blood vessels. The penis will be massaged to smooth out the filler. The entire procedure will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes.


Dr. Wierschem does NOT recommend treatment of the penile head (or glans). It can result in abnormal appearance, discomfort and typically does not last more than a few months.  Please refer to the before and after picture section to see a photograph of a necrotic penile glans that was treated with hyaluronic acid at another facility.  He subsequently came to Dr. Wierschem for his expertise in penile surgery who treated him successfully as you can see in the photo.

What Should I Expect After the Procedure?

You will notice an enlarged penis immediately after the procedure. You can expect 0.5 – 1 inch of width improvement after your initial treatment. This new width will be present when your penis is erect as well as when it is not erect. The improved width lasts over 2 years in most patients. The filler that is placed looks and feels natural. Your partner will likely not be able to tell you have had this done. Some patients may need a “touch-up” procedure and many more desire to have more filler placed for an even larger penis.

Is There Anything I Need to do After the Procedure?

We recommend Neosporin the sides of the penis twice a day for the first 3 days. We also recommend no intercourse for 7 days. Dr. Wierschem will instruct you after the procedure on how to massage and mold your penis to create a smooth appearance if needed.

Will This Effect My Partner?

Your partner will be very impressed with you after the procedure as your looks and feels completely natural while being much larger.


In fact, your partners will likely have a more fulfilling sexual experience. Female partners have noticed a much more satisfying sexual experience as their tissues become looser over time and the increased girth of the male partner drastically improves sensation during intercourse.

Will This Also Increase the Length of My Penis?

Girth enhancement will not increase penile length. There are a few things you can use to create some length including a vacuum device and traction device. Dr. Wierschem can discuss these with you at the time of your consultation. There are some doctors that provide a surgical means for penile lengthening however, this is ill advised. Most of these procedures result in significant complications, poor outcomes and unhappy patients. Remember, over 90% of male partners prefer increased penile girth over length!

Can I Have Girth Enhancement if I am not Circumcised, Have a Penile Implant, or Peyronie's Disease?

Yes, in fact, Dr. Wierschem has treated many men like this with excellent results. Men with indentations of their penile tissue from Peyronie’s disease or other penile injuries look entirely normal after girth enhancement in these areas.

How Many Girth Enhancement Procedures has Dr. Wierschem Performed?

Dr. Wierschem was the first doctor in Texas and the Southwest to offer penile girth enhancement procedures and has been doing so for over 6 years. He is by far the most experienced doctor in the area and one of the most experienced in the country and performs several hundred procedures every year.

Will I Look Bigger When I am not Erect?

Absolutely, you will! In fact, many patients have had this procedure done for this reason alone.

Does it hurt?

Most patients experience little to no discomfort. Dr. Wierschem applies a lidocaine (numbing) cream to the tissue prior to the procedure.  The filler that is injected also has lidocaine within it so that the procedure is essentially painless.

Will this effect my erections or sensation?

Dr. Wierschem has never had a patient describe erectile dysfunction or sensation loss after this procedure. Although complications are possible, research has shown that they occur in less than 0.006% of patients. Most patients and their partners notice improvement in their sensation from the increased friction during intercourse.

What if I Live Outside of the Dallas Area?

Dr. Wierschem has treated many patients from across Texas as well as outside of the state. Many drive hundreds of miles just for this procedure. We provide transportation to and from the airport to our clinic at no cost to our patients. That way you will not need to burden the cost of a rental car.

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