Shockwave Therapy FAQs

Who is a good candidate for shockwave therapy?

Shockwave is a treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction.  Numerous studies have shown that it works best in younger patients who have mild erectile dysfunction and no significant medical problems.  These studies show that men with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension or obesity will not respond to shockwave therapy. Also, patients who have erectile dysfunction related to prostate cancer surgery will not likely have success.  Shockwave has been shown to improve the pain associated with Peyronie’s disease but has not shown significant improvement with penile curvature.

After treating many men with this modality, Dr. Wierschem has found this treatment option to provide minimal improvement in his patients as well. In fact, many patients that have failed shockwave treatment at other facilities come to Dr. Wierschem to have more definitive treatment. It should also be noted that this procedure is considered experimental and is not endorsed by the AUA (American Urological Association).

How much does shockwave therapy cost?

Each treatment takes ~ 20 minutes and costs $400.  It is recommended to have at least 6 treatments and effects may take several months to show any improvement. This can become a very costly option for patients.

When can I have sexual relations after Shockwave Therapy?

Men are allowed to have intercourse the same day as the procedure if there are no complications.

What complications are there and what can I expect after the procedure?

There may be mild bruising or brief discomfort for 1-2 days but there should not be any loss of sensation or urinary issues if performed correctly.

Will Shockwave increase my length or girth?

This treatment will not increase the length or girth of your penis.