Who is a good candidate for a P-shot?

The P-shot is an excellent treatment for patients with erectile dysfunction.  Studies show that it works best in patients who have had success with oral medications but they just aren’t working as well. Patients with significant erectile dysfunction where oral medications or injection therapy have been ineffective are not good candidates.  Likewise, patients who have erectile dysfunction related to prostate cancer surgery will not likely have success with the P-shot.  It has shown some effectiveness in patients with Peyronie’s disease as well but research on this is limited.

How much does a P-shot cost?

We offer competitive pricing at $1,800 per injection.  This one injection provides 6x the platelets as the typical PRP systems utilized by most providers.  Therefore you will ultimately pay much more for a less effective treatment.

How often does it need to be done?

The P-shot usually lasts at least a year and most men only need 1 injection.  Some men, however will require a yearly injection or every 6 months.  If one injection helps it may be recommend to have another injection 3 – 6 moths later.  If the first injection is ineffective, it is unlikely that further injections will help.

When can I have sexual relations after the P-shot?

Men are allowed to have intercourse the same day as the injection if there are no complications.

What complications are there and what can I expect after the P-shot procedure?

Since the procedure involves injecting your own plasma back into your body, there is little risk.  Infection is a rare side effect but there may be mild bruising or brief discomfort for 1-2 days.

Will the P-shot increase my length or girth?

This treatment will not increase the length of your penis.  Since the goal of this procedure is to improve the blood flow into your penis and provide improved firmness and longevity of your erections, it can increase your girth, however, it will only increase to your normal girth when fully erect.  It will not make your penis any larger than your tissues will allow normally.