Penile Lengthening

Increase your Penile Length safely without surgery

If you are one of the thousands of men who are concerned about their penile length, then let Dallas Men’s Health help you.  Dr. Michael Wierschem is a board certified Urologist with over 25 years of expertise in penile surgery, treatment of erectile dysfunction and penile girth enhancement.  He also has extensive experience in regenerative treatments for men and offers the most advanced services available today.

There are good non-surgical options that are safe for increasing your penile length and girth. Dr. Wierschem can discuss these in detail with you during your consultation.  You can book now or call the office to schedule a consultation at your convenience. 

We are very understanding of how important sexual issues are to men and how they can affect their quality of life. That is why Dr. Wierschem has dedicated his practice to improving men’s sexual lives.  And he has been doing this for a long time!  Why would you trust your most precious sexual asset to anyone without this expertise and experience?

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