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We're Here for Men even when Other Options Have Failed

Dr. Michael Wierschem has been successfully performing penile implants in Dallas for over 20 years. He is one of the leading implant surgeons in all of Dallas and in the 95th percentile of surgeons worldwide for penile prosthesis procedures performed annually. Dr Wierschem is also the only doctor in the Dallas area that has been trained in the minimally invasive penile implant approach. This approach is an innovative outpatient procedure that utilizes a small 3cm incision just above the base of the penis (infrapubic) in which the entire device can be placed.

Advantages of the Minimally Invasive Penile Implant include:

  • Much shorter operating time – most procedures are completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Decreased risk of infection – typically less than 1%
  • Much quicker recovery time – Most patients are able to use their implants by 4 weeks
  • Less discomfort and less need for pain medication
  • No scrotal or penile incisions
  • No need for a catheter

When to Consider a Penile Implant?

Erectile dysfunction is extremely common as a man ages, and age related erectile dysfunction is almost always a progressive problem.  At its earlier stages, medications such as Viagra, Levitra, Stendra or Cialis will suffice.  However, as the problem progresses and becomes more severe, eventually these pills will no longer be reliable or work at all.  When this occurs, and if a man has the desire and motivation to have a usable erection, he must resort to a more aggressive therapy.  This includes injections into the penis with medicine that dilates arteries, or to use a vacuum erection device. Shots for erections have been around for many years, and they are very effective.  Vacuum erection devices have also been helpful.

In the end, while a man is willing to use any of these approaches, it simply is not a satisfactory solution.  For these men, we offer to place a penile prosthesis.  We usually will not consider someone for this surgery unless they have tried these other approaches first.  But, for the right patient, an inflatable penile prosthesis can provide the highest degree of patient satisfaction of any modality. Some men consider a penile implant to be the “last ditch” option for men suffering from impotence. However, at Dallas Men’s Health, we respectfully disagree. Come talk to us at our offices in Plano and McKinney.

What is a Penile Implant?

A penile implant or penile prosthesis a surgical treatment option for men with erectile dysfunction. A penile implant can be placed in any patient by Dr. Wierschem with a clear medical cause for ED. Most of these problems fail to resolve spontaneously with non-surgical treatments. Existing non-surgical treatments for ED temporize the inevitable treatment decision which is sex with an implant or no sex at all. Sometimes a penile prosthesis is implanted to reconstruct the penis when scarring has caused erections to curve preventing a man from having sex. This is also known as Peyronie’s disease.

Penile implants have been around for over 40 years, with significant technical improvement in the last few years. They are the only available treatment that provides a permanent solution for ED, giving men the opportunity for spontaneous sexual activity without the need for planning ahead. A penile prosthesis also eliminates the need to use expensive and potentially embarrassing ED medications.

An important note about penile implants is that they do not affect sensitivity in the penis nor do they affect the ability of a man to achieve an orgasm. It is important to note that a penile implant is not a penile enlargement, it simply provides a hard and rigid erection.

There are different types of penile implants that ultimately all serve the same purpose: to provide an on-demand and completely reliable erection for men suffering ED. These are custom sized for each individual. The implant is placed inside the penis through a short 30-minute to 1-hour surgery performed by Dr. Michael Wierschem. Once placed, the penile implant is completely hidden within your body, and is invisible to your partner if closely examined.

Is a Penile Implant right for you?

A penile implant is a device that is placed into a man’s body and is designed to help him get an erection.  This device is prescribed by a physician for men who are suffering from impotence.

Reasons to consider a Penile Implant:

  • Patient satisfaction rates: 93.8% of patients were moderately or completely satisfied with their penile implant choice, far outpacing satisfaction levels for Viagra (51.6%) or injection therapy (40.9%).1
  • A Discrete Solution: Designed to emulate the look and performance of a natural erection
  • Minimal Recovery Time: Following the routine outpatient procedure, a four to six-week recovery period is necessary before the implant is used.
  • Insurance Coverage: Most insurance, including Medicare, cover the implant.

There are two basic types of penile implants that Coloplast offers:

The Titan Touch® Inflatable Penile Implant

a diagram of the The Titan Touch® Inflatable Penile Implant

The Genesis™ Flexible Rod Penile Implant

a diagram of the The Genesis™ Flexible Rod Penile Implant

Both types of implants enable men with erectile dysfunction to have a satisfactory erection for sexual intercourse and to experience the joys of sex again. You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your surgery, unless you have another medical problem that affects it. Consult your physician about this. The primary difference between the two implant types is that flexible rod implants (the Genesis) produce a permanently firm penis, while the inflatable implants (the Titan) produce a controlled, more natural erection.

Some facts about Coloplast’s penile implants:

The Coloplast Titan Touch Inflatable Penile Implant (IPP) is a self-contained, fluid-filled system made from Bioflex and silicone. Bioflex is a supple, durable biopolymer material.

The implant is totally concealed in your body

Designed to emulate the look and performance of a natural erection

Pump design has a non-bulky, low-profile size

The Titan Touch inflatable penile implant offers a dependable method of restoring sexual function.

It is the result of advanced engineering and medical research designed with your needs in mind

It offers hope to many men with E.D.

It provides an option where other treatments are not appropriate or have failed

Titan Touch Unique Features

Mechanical reliability rates: Recent studies show the Coloplast Alpha 1 and Titan to have mechanical reliability rates of 97.5% after five years on first time implants.2

Concealable: When implanted, the Coloplast Titan penile implant is not visibly noticeable. The penis appears relaxed and normal in the flaccid state, and it is not obvious by looking at a man that he has an implant.

Lifetime replacement policy: Coloplast provides a lifetime replacement policy with all of its penile implants. Coloplast will replace the inflatable implant, or any component, for any reason during the lifetime of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose any length after getting a penile implant?

Each penile implant is custom fitted to your anatomy. Discuss this in greater detail with your physician.

Will I be able to have spontaneous erections with a penile implant?

No. In order to place the implant in the body, the corpora containing the spongy tissue is removed to make room for the cylinders. If you are still able to have erections on your own, which are satisfactory for intercourse, you should consider very carefully whether or not an implant is the right fix for you. However, if you cannot have erections or if they are not satisfactory for intercourse, then an implant will be able to provide you with a more “instant” erection when compared to pills, or vacuum devices.

What is the recovery time?

Each individual is different and therefore their recovery will be different as well. Typical recovery is between 4-6 weeks. Your physician will determine what you can and cannot do during this time. It is important to follow the recommendations that your physician gives to you to ensure the best outcome.

Is the cost of a penile implant covered by insurance?

A penile implant is prescribed by your physician. Most insurance, including Medicare, cover the implant. Check with your physician’s office to determine your actual cost.

What makes the Genesis® and Titan® Touch different?

Both implants provide you with the capability of having an erection satisfactory for intercourse. The main difference is that the Genesis penile implant is a malleable implant consisting of 2 rods that are placed in the penis. There are no further parts to this implant. To have an erection, you only need to hold the penis and move it into the desired position. When you are finished you return the penis to the previous position. With the Titan Touch penile implant, you inflate the cylinders by pressing the pump bulb in the scrotum. You can control the firmness by pumping until you are satisfied with the erection. The best thing is to discuss each implant with your physician to make sure that you are getting the implant that is appropriate for you.

Are there risks associated with the penile implant?

Penile implants are surgical solutions requiring a healing period that have risks associated with surgery such as pain, anesthesia reactions, repeat surgery due to infections, or mechanical problems with the device. The implant eliminates the possibility of a natural erection. Considerations in choosing a penile implant may include your medical condition, lifestyle, personal preference and cost.

This treatment is prescribed by your physician. Although many patients benefit from the use of this device, results may vary. Discuss the treatment options with your physician to understand the risks and benefits of the various options to determine if a penile implant is right for you.

Will anyone notice that I have an implant?

Since the implant is completely placed inside your body, no one will see the implant. In fact, no one will know unless you tell them.

Can I have an orgasm with a penile implant?

You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your procedure. Consult your physician about your expected outcome.

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