Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

For Men & Women

The Venus Bliss Max ™ device is a diode laser system utilized for non-invasive lipolysis of the body which results in the permanent reduction of fat in the treated areas.

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Fat Reduction Treatment

Despite eating healthy and exercising, stubborn pockets of fat, loss of muscle tissue and skin laxity can persist. Pockets of fat remains around your waist and abdomen despite diet and exercise. Men, specifically, complain of that stubborn fatty tissue in the lower abdomen that causes their genitalia to look smaller or retract inwards.

Many options exist for treatment of these bothersome areas including surgical, minimally invasive and non-invasive therapies. Surgical treatments are associated with higher costs and complications as well as painful and prolonged recovery. Many non-invasive treatments can also be associated with abnormal outcomes and significant complications. And most of these treatments do not result in permanent lipolysis.

The Venus Bliss Max ™ device

One non-invasive treatment, however, stands out above the rest. The Venus Bliss Max ™. This innovative device is a clinically proven non-surgical option to treat fat by placing applicators on the treatment area to deliver energy below the skin’s surface where it permanently destroys fat cells – a process called lipolysis. This results in a much leaner and more contoured-looking midsection.

The Venus Bliss Max ™ diode laser technology delivers effective, comfortable and efficient permanent lipolysis by heating the entire targeted subcutaneous layer. Unlike other fat reduction technologies, this Gold Standard therapy for fat reduction results in “Best in Class” lipolysis – up to 41% of the treated area! In addition, the July 2023 issue of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine shows that 90% of subjects reported significant improvement in their fat reduction and skin surface appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Venus Bliss™ fat treatments.

This treatment is safe for patients with any skin tone and a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.

You may not be a candidate if the following conditions apply to you:

  • Open lesions or wounds
  • Abdominal hernias
  • Pregnancy/brestfeeding
  • A history of immunodeficiency disorders or medications that treat these disorders
  • Recent tanning or exposure to excessive sunlight 1 week before or after your treatment
  • Coagulation disorders
    A history of skin cancers including melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma
    Use of anticoagulants (anything stronger than 81mg aspirin)

Yes. The Venus Bliss Max ™ is safe for all skin tones.

The treatment usually takes 25 minutes to complete

Many patients begin to improvement with the Venus Bliss Max ™ after only one treatment. However, optimal results are seen three to six months after completing your treatment plan. It is recommended to have at least 3 treatments for optimal results.

Each treatment from the Venus Bliss Max ™ should be six weeks apart.

Your skin should be clean and dry. Do not apply any lotions, creams or makeup to the treatment area prior to your treatment. And remove all jewelry from the around the area being treated.

The Venus Bliss Max ™ received high comfort ratings during clinical studies. There may mild discomfort as the applicators warm up but this should be manageable.

There may some mild tenderness, bruising or swelling after your treatment. These are normal findings after the treatments and typically resolve within 1-2 weeks. The symptoms should not interfere with your daily activities.

There is no downtime and no physical restrictions after treatment with the Venus Bliss Max ™. You may resume your regular activities immediately after completion of your treatment.

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Treatments are only 25 minutes, essentially painless and results can be seen within a few weeks. In addition, you can resume regular activities the same day.

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