Nanoparticle Technology

Nanoparticle technology can deliver anti-aging and regenerative properties to the body to alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie's Disease and erectile dysfunction.

Nanoparticle technology treatments rely on healing and regenerative agents and ingredients to spur the body to respond with a therapeutic reaction that will help it heal and restore itself. At Dallas Men’s Health, we use nanoparticle technology for hair restoration treatments, as a treatment option for erectile dysfunction, and Peyronie’s disease. We also offer IV therapy treatments to promote overall health and wellness.

Nanoparticle Technology Treatments

At Dallas Men’s Health, we offer innovative treatments that use alternative nanoparticle technology to restore the body, help it heal from certain conditions, and promote optimal overall and sexual health and wellness. This form of therapy is a PRP and PRF alternative treatment that can promote tissue and cellular regeneration, accelerate healing, and alleviate unpleasant symptoms that detract from the quality of one’s life.

Nanoparticle technology can deliver anti-aging and regenerative properties to the body to alleviate the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease and erectile dysfunction. We can also use it to promote improved hair growth and scalp health. We offer IV therapy using this advanced technology to promote overall wellness, boost immunity, help accelerate healing after a sports injury, and more.


Regenerative medicine is arguably one of the most exciting frontiers in medical research and development. The idea behind such therapies is to use the body’s own restorative and regenerative capacity to heal itself, repair tissue and to reverse or mitigate the effects of aging and disease. Over the past few decades research has found the use of stem cells and exosomes to be extremely powerful in regenerative medicine and many clinical studies have been performed with promising results for issues of particular interest to men including erectile dysfunction and hair thinning. 


Stem cells are special human cells that are able to develop into many different cell types throughout the body (e.g. this can range from muscle cells to brain cells). Stem cells are the body’s “master cells” and are the building blocks for all organs, tissues, blood and the immune system. Stem cells are especially useful in internal repair processes by regenerating lost or damaged cells throughout a person’s life time. 

Exosomes are derived from stem cells, and are extracellular vesicles that are naturally produced by cells to carry all the critical ingredients (e.g. DNA, RNA, mRNA, lipids, proteins, cytokines, etc.)  to facilitate cellular growth and regeneration. In essence, much of the regenerative capacity of stem cells is contained in the exosomes. By harnessing the exosomes from stem cells, one can often achieve many of the benefits of full stem cell therapy.

a diagram that explains how nanoparticle science and technology works


Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and their exosomes are purchased from tissue banks that follow FDA guidance and GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines for handling biologic materials. Specifically, consenting, pregnant mothers are rigorously screened and selected to donate the fetal umbilical cord following delivery of their child. The MSCs are ethically sourced and harvested from the Wharton’s Jelly of fetal umbilical cords following the birth. 


PRF is derived from a patient’s own platelets and have a number of powerful growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. However, by the time a patient needs PRF treatments (e.g. usually in their mid 30’s to 60’s), whatever disease or aging related issues that may affect that patient, could also impact the quality of their platelets.

MSCs are derived from umbilical cords of fetuses, and with proper screening and selection, aging and disease do not impact the quality of those MSCs. Furthermore, MSCs and their exosomes contain many more regenerative components than the handful of growth factors found in platelets and are more effective in stimulating tissue regeneration and repair. However, since they are not derived from the patient, the cost to source MSCs and exosomes through tissue banks and laboratories increases their cost substantially over PRF.

Your provider will consult with you about your regenerative options and based on your age, severity of your condition, desired results, price, etc. will help you determine the best therapy to meet your needs. 

Areas of Current Investigation for Stem Cell & Exosome Therapy

a chart that diagrams irb acute and chronic conditions

IV Therapy

IV therapy is a simple and effective treatment that hydrates the body and delivers vitamins, minerals, and healing ingredients directly into the bloodstream so that the body can heal, renew, and restore itself.

We can enhance the treatment results of standard IV therapy treatments by adding nanoparticle technology to the IV. During the treatment, we’ll administer the IV to a vein in your arm, and as you sit, relax, and allow the fluids to drip into your bloodstream, your body will benefit from the growth factors, regenerative properties, and anti-aging ingredients in your IV treatment.

What To Expect

While you will benefit from one treatment, you may need several sessions to achieve the ideal results. Based on your health and wellness goals and the conditions you want to treat, we can design a treatment plan that’s right for you. You can expect some immediate, noticeable benefits following your treatment that will continue to improve as your body uses the nanoparticles to heal, renew, and restore itself.

Who Is It Right For?

Our IV therapy treatments that use nanoparticles to enhance the treatment results can promote overall health and wellness, increase immunity, treat and alleviate chronic pain, and promote improved cellular regeneration in the body.

Patients with specific conditions who want an alternative treatment to help them heal and promote overall cellular renewal make good treatment candidates. We can also use our IV therapy treatments to help patients recover after injuries, including sports injuries.

Am I a Candidate?

You may be a good candidate for one of our nanoparticle technology treatments if you’re looking for an effective alternative treatment that can help promote your health, help you heal from certain conditions, and do so without negatively impacting your body. We can give you more information about these treatments, how they work, and how they can help you heal from specific conditions or improve your health during an initial consultation.

Heal Your Body the Natural Way

You don’t have to resort to traditional treatment methods to promote hair restoration, treat erectile dysfunction, recover from Peyronie’s disease, or improve your health. Our nanoparticle technology treatments provide alternative options for those who want to unlock the healing powers of their bodies and experience long-term benefits.

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