More Than Just Sex: Why You Should Seek Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

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It can be the “elephant in the room” if you are having trouble with erectile dysfunction, even in your doctor’s office. It is a hard subject (pun intended) to bring up and discuss, but it’s more than just sex. Here’s why you should seek treatment for erectile dysfunction.

ED Can Be A Symptom Of An Underlying Health Problem

Yes, it is difficult to talk about erectile dysfunction, but being unwilling to share this problem with your physician may undermine your health. There are multiple reasons why a man can have ED, but the symptoms may indicate an underlying serious health problem.

Heart disease, diabetes, chronic inflammation, sleep apnea, side effects of medications, low T, stress, anxiety, and depression, alcohol, and drug use are all possible causes of erectile dysfunction. In fact, ED can predict future cardiovascular issues as much as family history or high cholesterol can.

Blood vessels in the penis are much smaller than in other areas of your body, and if they begin to narrow, it could be a precursor to the same in your heart.

After a full evaluation, Dr. Wierschem will be able to better monitor your health risks and provide preventative treatment.

It’s more than just sex.

Sleep Issues Can Be Causing Your ED

Sleep issues are nothing to take lightly. Insomnia and sleep apnea can alter your hormonal balance creating abdominal fat around your middle which can lead to erectile dysfunction and other health issues. Talk to your urologist or PCP about your sleep habits if you are experiencing occasional ED.

Again, It’s more than just sex.

Depression And Erectile Dysfunction

This is another “chicken and egg” dilemma. Many men tend to get depressed and anxious when they have ED, but at the same time, depression can trigger erectile dysfunction.

Is ED making you depressed, or is depression causing your ED? 

Some anti-depression medications can cause ED and other sexual issues. Don’t stop taking them, but talk with Dr. Wierschem if you take anti-depressants and are experiencing ED.

Healthy Heart = Healthy Sex Life

Eat a diet low in saturated fats, high in lean protein, and exercise at least 150 minutes per week and keep your body and sex life healthy.

Better Sex = Better Life

Some men never have an issue with ED but once or twice in their life. Others occasionally can’t get erect enough to have sex, while others experience it as they get older, but it’s not necessarily a given.

Talking with your doctor about ED can provide you with a happy and healthy sex life and an abundance of mental and physical benefits. Yes, it is more than just sex, but that’s pretty important too, plus your partner will be happy.

Talk with Dr. Wierschem about any issues you are experiencing with erectile dysfunction.


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