Dallas Men’s Health uses componded bioidentical pellet hormones for his patients.

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Hormones are involved in most of the body’s basic functions like immune fufnction, brain function, libido, energy and mood.  Low or imbalanced hormone levels can have widespread effects on your healths and feeling of well-being.  For many people, the solution is hormone replacement therapy, which just as it sounds, is the use of medication to replace the hormones your body is not producing.

Dallas Men’s Health uses componded bioidentical pellet hormones for his patients.  Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structure and act the same as natural human hormones.  Many doctors today are choosing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as the preferred treatment for declining or imbalanced hormones.

Dr. Wierschem has been treating men with low T (or hypogonadism) for over 25 years.  He understands the benefits of hormone replacement in men and discusses treatment with each patient personally.  He also provides an overall individualized systemic plan for maximizing symptom improvement.  He has the expertise to handle the side effects of T replacement such as elevation of PSA.  He also offers effective treatments to those patients who still have Erectile Dysfunction despite T replacement.  Most T providers do not have the qualifications or expertise for this and must refer these patients out to specialists like Dr. Wierschem.

Several options exist for T replacement and Dr. Wierschem is an expert in all of them.  Currently, he only provides compounded bioidentical Testosterone pellet therapy for his patients which is a highly effective option. 

The procedure performed by Dr. Wierschem is a very safe, office-based treatment that takes less than 5 minutes.  His technique results in extremely low risks of infection or pellet expulsion.  In fact, for over 25 years, no patient has ever complained of these complications to him or his staff.

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