How Quickly Does the P-Shot Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

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How quickly does the P-Shot work for erectile dysfunction? Before we answer that question, let’s explain what the P-Shot is, how it works, and what it treats. PRP and the P-Shot The “P” in P-Shot stands for Priapus who was the god of fertility back in ancient Greece. It is a procedure that treats the […]

Is Erectile Dysfunction Permanent? What You Should Know.

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Is erectile dysfunction permanent? We are here to tell you E.D. can be treated in almost all cases. More importantly, the biggest barrier to restoring full sexual function is a man’s reluctance to seek treatment. If you are living with some erectile dysfunction issues, now is the time to get some answers. Common Occurrence The […]

Self Testing for Erectile Dysfunction

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If a man becomes concerned about erectile dysfunction (ED), he has a number of options to discover the reason(s) why. Self testing for erectile dysfunction is but one way to find out whether sexual dysfunctions are due to physical or psychological issues. Types of Self Examinations for ED Self tests can often help those who […]

News & Events Erectile Treatments Beyond The Blue Pill

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The explosion of the little blue pill on the scene several decades ago helped save many a relationship. We’ve come a long way, baby, since then in treating erectile dysfunction. But now it’s 2020, and you should know about other erectile treatments beyond the blue pill. ED Defined Erectile dysfunction is not being able to get […]

More Than Just Sex: Why You Should Seek Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction

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It can be the “elephant in the room” if you are having trouble with erectile dysfunction, even in your doctor’s office. It is a hard subject (pun intended) to bring up and discuss, but it’s more than just sex. Here’s why you should seek treatment for erectile dysfunction. ED Can Be A Symptom Of An […]

5 Benefits Of The P-Shot For Erectile Dysfunction

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If you are one of the 18 million men struggling with ED in the US, we have some encouraging news to share. The Priapus shot, otherwise known as the P- shot, may help to change your life for the better. Here are some of the benefits you should know. Let’s Start With Some Definitions The […]

How Sexual Dysfunction Affects Your Marriage

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It is difficult enough to maintain a happy marriage with financial worries, children, and both spouses working full time jobs. Add in sexual dysfunction and your life can be turned upside down. Whether you are in a long term relationship or married for many years, how sexual dysfunction affects your marriage is up to the […]

How To Have A Healthy Sex Life After Prostate Cancer

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Regardless of age, everyone wants a healthy sex life. But when prostate cancer strikes, this can be tricky. In many cases treatments for prostate cancer can lead to erectile dysfunction, but discovering how to have a healthy sex life after prostate cancer is not impossible. Ask About Your Treatment Options There are three ways doctors […]

Don’t Let These ED Myths Stop You From Treatment

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If you, or your partner, continue to postpone treatment for ED symptoms, now is the time to talk with Dr. Wierschem in the Dallas Area about your options. Don’t let these ED myths stop you from treatments. Instead, get the facts from a professional. Myth: I’m Young, So No Worries That might sound comforting, but […]

Erectile Dysfunction In Younger Men: A Guide

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Erectile dysfunction, or ED, can affect a 75 year old male as well as a man who is 25. People typically expect a senior to have this issue, it is actually much more common than you think. But why? Erectile dysfunction in younger men: a guide. How Common Is Common? You might be surprised to […]