Exploring Testosterone Treatments and Penis Girth Enhancement

When it comes to men’s health, there can be many different factors that contribute to a man’s libido, energy levels throughout the day, sexual satisfaction, and more. While topics such as penis girth and testosterone levels are important, many men don’t know how to bring up these topics with their doctors.

At Dallas Men’s Health, we are experts in men’s health. We specialize in a range of treatments, including both testosterone treatments and penile girth enhancement treatments. As a health provider for men, we want to bridge the gap between the patient and the information that they need to make the right decisions about their health. We can help you to understand the connection between testosterone treatments, penis girth, and your overall health and wellness.

What Is Low T?

Low T, or low testosterone, refers to a medical condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough of the male hormone, testosterone. As men age, it’s natural for testosterone levels to decrease. However, some men experience a more significant drop, resulting in symptoms and health issues that can impact their quality of life.

Testosterone plays a pivotal role in men’s health, influencing factors such as muscle mass, hair growth, and sexual function. When these levels fall below the normal range, it can lead to symptoms like fatigue, diminished libido, and changes in mood. It can be important to recognize these signs early on and seek appropriate testosterone treatments, such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, to manage the condition effectively.

Understanding Penis Girth and Male Sexual Health

Penis girth, or the measurement of penis circumference, is one discussion that we have with many of our patients. The thickness or width of the penis can vary from person to person, and the importance of penis girth can be subjective, depending on personal preferences, comfort, sexual satisfaction, and more.
Treatments such as penis girth enhancement have been developed to help those who wish to alter this aspect of their physicality. However, it is important to find the right medical professional to help you. At our clinic, we do not view penile girth enhancement as a simple aesthetic treatment. Instead, it is a delicate treatment that is undertaken with care by our board-certified urologist, Dr. Wierschem. 

Testosterone and Penis Size: Is There a Correlation?

During puberty, testosterone is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics, including penis size. However, once a man has reached adulthood, testosterone levels do not significantly impact penis size. Therefore, low testosterone levels in adulthood don’t typically correlate with smaller penis sizes, and increasing testosterone levels won’t lead to penile enlargement. Because of this, concerns related to low testosterone such as fatigue, decreased libido, or reduction in muscle mass should be treated separately from concerns about penile girth.

Treatments for Men’s Sexual Health

Before recommending any form of testosterone treatment or male girth enhancement, it is important to have a consultation to identify the root causes of any sexual health concerns. Through a consultation, we can delve into different aspects of your health and develop the right treatment plan for you. 

Testosterone Treatment for Low-T

When it comes to addressing Low T, one of the most effective treatments available is Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This form of testosterone treatment is designed to replenish the testosterone levels in your body, bringing them back to a healthier range. BHRT is tailored to each individual’s specific hormonal needs, making it an effective and customized form of hormone replacement therapy. It works by releasing testosterone into your body in a controlled manner, helping to alleviate symptoms of Low T and improving overall health.

We administer testosterone using BHRT pellets. During this type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, a small incision is made in the skin, typically in the hip or buttock area, through which the pellet is inserted under local anesthesia. Over time, these pellets gradually release testosterone into the bloodstream, effectively managing the symptoms of low testosterone.

Penis Girth Enhancement Treatments

For men seeking to increase their penis girth, a variety of penile girth enhancement treatments are available. The treatment that we use at our clinic is UroFill™, a non-surgical girth enhancement treatment that enhances penis girth by injecting a hyaluronic acid filler into the penile tissue. UroFill is an effective male girth enhancement method that provides immediate results with minimal downtime. Its innovative approach makes it an increasingly popular choice for men seeking girth enhancement options. 

UroFill treatments typically take less than 30 minutes to complete and are given in a private room. Once the injections are complete, you will notice an immediate increase in the girth of your penis. You will need to wait one day after treatment to resume exercise and seven days to resume sexual intercourse. Most patients are happy with the amount of girth gained in one appointment, but an additional appointment can be scheduled if desired to increase girth even further.  

Improve Your Overall Health and Sexual Satisfaction

At Dallas Men’s Health, we believe in empowering men with a robust understanding of their physical and sexual health, backed by advanced testosterone treatment and penile girth enhancement treatments. We stand at the forefront of men’s health solutions in Dallas, TX, providing an array of treatments. Whether you are grappling with symptoms of Low T or you are interested in penile girth enhancement, we are ready to guide you through every step. Reach us at (214) 894-1008, send a text to (877) 824-0362, or simply fill out our online form to start exploring your treatment options today.

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